JumpSeat is more than just QR codes!

Our robust products and services continue to help businesses increase sales, maintain their competitive edge and engage with today’s mobile consumer. JumpSeat mobile business pages and augmented reality JumpTag Custom Codes drive prospects to your business and keep your existing customers coming back for more. Our easy to use interface allows even the least tech savvy business owner to easily create and manage their mobile business page and order any of our professionally printing products, like business cards, photo books, calendars, magnets and more.

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Business Pages

Today’s consumer expects fast and convenient mobile access to your products and services. Don’t miss out, JumpSeat™ mobile business pages work 24/7 and have a proven track record. You can quickly create, customize and edit on the fly- providing your customers with the lighting fast results and rich content they expect from you!

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Augmented Reality

Put the power of augmented reality to work for your business. JumpSeat™ augmented reality is easy to create and has the wow factor to generate buzz and feeds the bottom line. Upload your own videos and our website does the rest. The next time someone scans your JumpTag Custom Codes using our FREE iPhone app, they will see your video in 3D.

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Custom Printing

JumpSeat™ is more than Mobile Business Pages and Augmented Reality. We’ve taken it a step further giving you access to professional products like business cards, photo books, greeting cards, calendars and much more. You can even easily add your JumpTag Custom Codes to any of our professional products.

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We’ve made getting started easy!

We offer three services and kept the process simple. Start by registering, subscribing, creating, sharing and tracking your results along the way.

To get started, all we need is some basic information about you. We know it’s an extra step, but it is well worth it. Think of it as an extra step of security that doesn’t require you to wait in line, take off your shoes and empty the contents of your pockets.

Whether you fly coach or charter, we’ve reserved a seat for you. Pick a subscription and get on board!

Welcome aboard JumpSeat with non-stop service to success!
Please make sure to pay attention to the instructional videos that we have put together for your overall success! In case of an unfortunate event and you’re in over your head, our how to videos can be deployed and will get you back on course. Although we may not be coming through the cabin, feel free to press the call button at any time for further assistance. We understand you have many choices when marketing and we thank you for choosing JumpSeat.

You’re cleared for takeoff!

  • Login – Start by logging into your account and creating your first JumpTag Custom Code.
  • Create your mobile business page – Now you’re ready to upload a quick video about you or your business and customize your call to action buttons and social media links. If you want to sell your products and services directly from a JumpTag Custom Code, all you need to do is paste your ecommerce web URL into one of the call to action buttons.
  • Share – Take flight! Now that your JumpSeat™ mobile business page is created your unique JumpTag Custom Code can be used anywhere, giving smart phone users speed dial access to your products and services or more information about you and your business!

We’ve reached 10,000′ and all approved electronic devices can be used to track your success.

  • With ScanData and ScanAnalytics you have instant gratification when seeing who has scanned your JumpTag Custom Codes and where they are around the globe

Why Choose Us?

  • JumpTag Custom Codes – Personalized, Customized and Mobile
  • Custom Printed Products – Professional and Affordable
  • Augmented Reality – A youthful technology, but we are ready when you are
  • Subscriptions that fit your budget – Small or large we’ve got you covered
  • No hidden fees – Unlike others, we don’t believe in charging per scan
  • Safe and Sound – Not only do we host your content, it’s backup several times per day and it’s secure on our cloud based servers


JumpTag Custom Codes provide us with a cutting edge look to our print jobs that you can’t find anywhere else.  We’re using it in all of our marketing materials to help us get the jump on the competition
Brendan C., Strawbridge Studios