Let's face it, if you're looking at these FAQ's we must have missed the mark. Give us a second chance with this. If we still missed something (likely) contact us.

What is a JumpTag Custom Code?

JumpTag Custom Codes are customized and personalized codes that can be used for quickly sharing digital content, photos, videos, contact information and even allow you to sell your products and services by linking them to your ecommerce website. Codes can be scanned by downloading any FREE code reader app available on all major phone and tablet devices or by downloading our iPhone app. Digital information associated to a JumpTag Custom Code can be interchanged by the owner of the code at any time without having to reprint the code.

What is the limit on the length of a video?

There is no limit on the time length of videos that our subscribers can upload. However, our trial accounts are limited to 30 second videos.

What types of files can I upload?

All major photo and video files are accepted

Can I remove the white border around the JumpTag Custom Code?

The white space in and around the JumpTag Custom Code creates the contrast needed for the code to scan properly. Rendering or altering this white space could pose problems scanning. We recommend test scanning all your codes before printing them.

Can I add anything outside the JumpTag Custom Code?

Yes. As long as you don’t alter the white space around the outside of the actual code, you can include just about anything you’d like.

What is the largest size I can make my JumpTag Custom Code?

JumpTag Custom Codes can be as large as you want, as long as you maintain the appropriate resolution of 300 dpi or more. Keep in mind the larger the JumpTag Custom Code, the farther away your device will need to be from that code to scan and track it properly. In general, we do not recommend enlarging a JumpTag Custom Code beyond 150% of its original size. NOTE: Always test your JumpTag Custom Code after resizing to make sure it scans and tracks properly. (Tracking is for Augmented Reality only)

What is the smallest size I can make my JumpTag Custom Code?

To ensure successful scanning and tracking if you are creating augmented reality, we do not recommend making JumpTag Custom Codes smaller than 1.5 x 1.5 inches. As always test scan before you print anything.

Why do you print the ID# on all the JumpTag Custom Codes?

These ID numbers are there to help you easily identify each JumpTag Custom Code, so it’s easier to update your uploaded content.

Can I change the color of my JumpTag Custom Codes?

Yes. You can either change the color of your JumpTag Custom Code using our color picker when you create or edit your code, or you can use image editing software to change the color. As always, we recommend test scanning your codes before printing.

Can content be changed after the JumpTag Custom Code has been generated and printed?

Yes. All of our subscriptions allow you to change the content associated to your JumpTag Custom Code as many times as you’d like. Once you make a change the next time your code is scanned the new changes are seen.

How do I print my JumpTag Custom Code?

Just click on your JumpTag Custom Code on the manage page and your code will automatically download into your “downloads” folder on your computer. JumpTag Custom Codes are optimally sized and saved as a JPEG (.jpg) file. Just place the tag like you would place an image.

How does the JumpSeat™ iPhone app work?

Our iPhone app utilizes your phone’s camera to read and decode the embedded content and displays it in a 3D atmosphere (Augmented Reality Only). When you launch our app and scan a JumpTag, your phone will download the content and display it in 3D (AR Augmented Reality Only). If viewers prefer not to interact with the content, they can choose to view the content full screen. As an added benefit, our app can also scan codes that are not Augmented Reality and content is viewed full screen.

How long will my JumpTag Custom Codes be active?

All JumpTag Custom Code content will be hosted on our servers as long as your subscription is current.

What is a JumpTag Custom Code?

JumpTag Custom Codes are the 2nd generation of QR codes that can be scanned using any QR code reader. Subscribers can create mobile personal pages or business pages with customizable “call to action” buttons allowing consumers to connect with the business on social media sites, call or email the business as well as purchase products directly from the JumpTag Custom Code. JumpTag Custom Codes have the ability to upload videos that can be viewed in 3D when scanned using our iPhone (JumpSeat™)